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General Questions- FAQ's

How does your business grow by a Website?

Can you imagine you can stay with your product 24 hour and 7 days in a week for sale in every worldwide location in which there was a phone line?. Yes it's true. By website you can call your customer.because yellow pages, phone's are old now a days.

Each and every customer wants online dealing because over the internet lot of site so customer have more option to go here there and wher ever what he wants. SEO Techniques can Help to grow your business in all over the world.

Website cost?

There are some factors that are going to affect the cost of your web site.

  • How many pages you want to create.
  • Desiging cost should be required as far as pages concerned.
  • Database and shopping cart.
  • We have more advance services as customer desire.

Calcualation of the development cost of the project?

  • Duration (website size,web site type, web site structure)
  • How much time spent on your project.

Payment Terms?

We take 50% at the start of the project and 50% at the completion of the project.

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